Principal Investigator:  Oye Gureje, Ph.D. 

Funded by:  Grand Challenges Canada

Depression in the perinatal period is common and is associated with considerable disability and negative outcomes both for the mother and the infant. Attempts to deliver needed service to these women must be suitable for use by non-physician community health workers (including midwives and nurses) who routinely attend to expectant and nursing mothers. This research program includes an intervention package designed for use in the extant health system in Nigeria (as well as in other sub-Saharan countries with similar health system constraints) that will test its efficiency and cost-effectiveness for perinatal depression delivered by community midwives supported and supervised by general physicians (and specialists whenever available) using modern technology, including mobile telephones. The implementation package will be informed by the results of a randomized controlled trial (in which the package is compared to care as usual) and further qualitative study to make it ready for scaling up to routine care.