Principal Investigator: Colleen Stiles-Shields, MA, MS

Funded by: F31 MH106321 

This project takes an innovative approach to investigating BITs for depression by incorporating principles from psychology, engineering, and design to examine two primary psychological principles, CT and BA, delivered by mobile apps. The project will include two stages. First, the most usable elements of existing apps will be identified to create two apps, one using CT and the other BA, targeting depressive symptoms. This usability process will use a clear, model-driven approach to identify the most usable and useful characteristics for three app elements: information delivery, tools, and visual feedback. Following usability testing and improvements, the two apps will be subjected to a small comparative trial. Secondary aims will include an examination of usage of the apps, defined as how many times the apps are opened on the mobile devices. Results will provide information that can be broadly used by developers of apps for depression and may also have implications for apps aimed at treating other mental health disorders.