Overcoming Barriers to Depression Treatment through Technology

Purpose:  Researchers are studying the use of technology to make options for managing depression more affordable and easier for people to access. This study aims to evaluate different methods for addressing symptoms of depression. These methods include two different investigative study treatments.

Treatment: Eligible participants will be randomly assigned to receive one of two study interventions:

1) Telephone Administered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Weekly, 50 minute study therapy sessions over the phone with a trained study clinician;


2) Internet Administered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Access to a study treatment website plus email and phone support from a trained study clinician. Participants in the iCBT intervention may eventually receive weekly 50 minute telephone study therapy sessions.

Study treatment lasts for a maximum of 20 weeks in all interventions. If depression symptoms improve, study treatment may be ended earlier than 20 weeks.

Your role: Participants will be compensated up t $200 for completing telephone interviews and questionnaires online across an 11-month period.

Who can join? Individuals who are currently experiencing clinical symptoms of depression, who are at least 18 years old, who speak English, and have access to and familiarity of using the Internet and phones might be a good fit for this study.

To learn more about the study or determine if you may be eligible

 call: 855-NUCBITS (682-2487) or

 email: eHealth@northwestern.edu