Principal Investigator:  Stephen Schueller, Ph.D. 

Funded by:  1K08MH102336-01A1

In cognitive behavioral therapy for depression much of the work takes place outside of therapy sessions. A therapist might teach a patient new skills and explain why to use that skill in a session, but ultimately the patient needs to go apply that skill in their daily life. As such, the course of therapy is a repeated process of patients learning new skills, taking those skills out into the world, and returning to sessions to report on the use of those skills and troubleshoot any problems. This project aims to improve that process by creating a technology-based treatment support system with both patient and therapist-facing features to be used as an adjunct for therapy for depression. Patients will receive a mobile-phone based application that contains lessons and tools related to therapy and providers will receive a dashboard that allows them to view and interact with data from a patient’s mobile application. This project aims to advance the design of behavioral intervention technologies by improving and increasing their use in clinical settings, and ultimately increase the impact of evidence-based therapy for depression.