Principal Investigator: David C. Mohr, Ph.D.

Funded by: P20MH09031

Depression is common and disabling. Advances in telecommunications have greatly increased the possibilities for delivering behavioral interventions. Unfortunately, initial results in this emerging field indicate that much work remains before viable systems can be implemented clinically. The mission of this Center is to develop and pilot novel systems of care that can provide efficacious, scalable, cost-effective, patient friendly behavioral interventions technologies (BITs) for the treatment and prevention of depression. 
The Center's model proposes that adherence and efficacy can be enhanced by increasing support from humans, creating greater connectedness to patients in their environments, and developing new interfaces that are more conducive to promoting complex behavior change. To address each of these areas, we will develop and refine three new technologies, Mobile Phone Sensing, Social Networking, and Programmable Virtual Humans. We will conduct two pilot trials that will test novel interventions in the treatment of depression in adults, and prevention of depression in adolescents. We will also conduct measurement projects that will use data collected in the pilot trials to evaluate measurement in two critical areas for Behavioral Intervention Technologies: adherence and cost-effectiveness.